James Burgess is a true artist.

With the stunning visual technique and the professionalism that only comes with a seasoned veteran, I would work with this man again in a heartbeat....

In fact, my production company is already trying to woo him to shoot on one of our upcoming feature films.  It would be an honor to have James Burgess as your Director of Photography.

With sincerest regards,

Stacy Cunningham, Owner

A Making Mudpies Production, LLC


Very powerful film, Jim.  Beautifully photographed.  You always loved the anamorphic frame and knew how to play people within that frame.  The

lighting was beautifully modeled.

None of this surprises me for your work has always been exceptional and

way ahead of it's time.


Roy H. Wagner, ASC

Director of Photography

Every time I build a list of key players on a film, James Burgess’ name comes up.  His artistic sensibilities, combined with his technical expertise, makes him an indispensable player on any production.  He manages to pack patience and thoroughness into a very fast paced production environment, and maintains a high degree of optimism at all times, despite his very realistic and experienced outlook.  I'm a young producer, and James has become a true friend and a father of sorts to me, and most of all, an excellent example of professionalism, and a high personal ethic.

One cannot go wrong bringing James Burgess into a production.  It's a decision no one ever regrets.

John Moore, Director

ACE WONDER: Message From a Dead Man

As a DP, James Burgess has an inspired cinematic vision, deep understand-

ing of the technical aspects of the process and is an invaluable collabora-

tive partner on the day. I would highly recommend him as an essential part of any film project.

Andrew Librizzi

President, Pathlight Entertainment, LLC

James Burgess is one of the few amazing talents I've had the privilege of working with. He has a brilliant eye for the cinematic and an innate sense

of story. I always look forward to our next project together.

Kent C.Williamson

Paladin Media Group